FAQs – Club life

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Polaris Team


Where can I find the events?

To access events, click on the following symbol in the top right-hand corner of your club's home page. cMX6YDKUJRQhmkAinzZGP6cM0Me8GjUAumeCllkmiNCEvMlETJ3L4w9e2JrDEPFw5UzIC7DbXgO73G4DHIRnzxH6Cwfrc8TSuc4hAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

How do I transfer the event date to my calendar?

In the overview or in the details of the event you will find a “Calendar plus" symbol to the right of the date and time. When you click, a calendar file (.ics) is downloaded, which you can then open by double-clicking and add to your calendar.


Can I subscribe to all event dates in my calendar?

No, unfortunately this is no longer possible in Polaris, as the visibility of individual events can be different and therefore this is not technically possible.

How do I create an event?

You will find detailed information here on how to create an event and the various stages in its life.

A video (in German only, for the moment) is available to help you follow the step-by-step instructions.

What is meant by a “statutory event”?

The statutory events are the regular weekly meetings that the club has to organize (according to the statutes).

You can find details here.

Can I modify, after registration has opened, questions added to an event?

Yes, questions can still be modified, BUT ONLY as long as there are no answers (registrations or deregistrations) to the event.

However, if questions need to be modified after event responses (registrations or deregistrations) have been recorded, all answers must first be saved, then deleted by the organizer. A new entry of deleted entries is then necessary, carried out by the organizer on the basis of the saved list or by asking the people concerned to answer again.

Who sees the presence of all club members?

All administrators with the right to manage members can see the presence of all club members.

Is it possible to export an attendance list, for example to print it out for a meeting?

Yes, an attendance list can be created and exported (e.g. in Excel format) from any event, under "Participants", by clicking on the "Export" button.

How to work with images in an article?

Primary image is the image of the first content block in articles like events, letters, news, projects and various. It is displayed in the slider, carousel, the list view, portrait view (on mobile) and in the article detail page. Other images in content blocks are added the same way as before. 

Here are the links to the articles primary images, secondary images and embedded images in text.  

To achieve a good presentation, you should always use images with good resolution and size. If you use low resolution images, your website may look bad.

When choosing images from internet, please beware of copyright laws and the possible legal consequences.

When to use the Slider and when to use the Carousel to promote articles?

Only dates and news from your own club can appear in the Slider. The most important topics in the near future should be published there, preferably with a picture.

The advertisements in the Carousel are suitable for less current content. Events from other clubs or the district can also be displayed there. You can find more information on this topic here.