Promotion and publication rules for slider and carousel (e02)

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Team Polaris

Important differences between slider and carousel

Slider :
  • Only events and news of your own club can appear in the slider.
  • The date of the event or news item determines the order.
    By default it is chronologically ascending from left to right, but can be set to be chronologically descending from left to right by activating the appropriate club parameter
    Club parameters > Other parameters >
    Slider on frontpage in reverse chronological order
  • The article whose date is the closest appears first.
  • Decisive for the display in the slider is the corresponding marking and the period from - to.
Carousel :
  • In the carousel you can display events, presidential announcements, newsletters, news, projects and miscellaneous from your club, district or Rotary CH&FL.
  • Carousel offers the possibility to filter the display according to the type of article.
  • The date of the article determines the order. It is chronologically ascending from left to right. The oldest article appears first.
  • The decisive factor for the display in the carousel is the corresponding mark and the period from - to.

Content options and display order

Display choices

Making choices for the displays

The tab Visibility, paragraph Promotion in own unit allows the following choices:

  • display the article in the slider
  • display the article in the carousel
  • the dates of the display period

 If the display in the slider is activated, the following settings are available:

  • the transparency of the text block, by default 50%, but adjustable to take into account the brightness of the image behind the block
  • the choice of which text(s) to display:
    • the title and the text
    • the title only
    • the text only
    • neither title nor text

The above choices allow you to limit the height of the semi-transparent block.
Note that both the title and the text are truncated to occupy a single line.

The best practices for promotion and publication of your content in slider and carousel

General rules:

  • Consider using slider for the more prominent topics in the near future, and the carousel for less important ones far from now.
  • Do not make visible more than 5 topics in the slider, and more then 15 in the carousel at the same time.
    Some 2-5 topics may be published in the carousel by higher organization levels like district or metro-club. You can turn them off in "Club-life > Content moderation" menu.
  • Always use a picture for topics in the slider and if possible also in the carousel. It looks much better!
  • Do not promote the same content in both slider & carousel.
Promotion in own unit
  • "Promote from" is set to now, when you create the content.
    Do not promote future events earlier than 1-3 month before they start.
  • Always set the "Promote to" to the end date of a future event or one day after.
  • For past actions set the "Promote to" to a date not later than 3 month after the action ends.
Display in other units:
  • Do not display to District or Multi-district contents related solely to your own club  Consider what may be interesting for others and why.
  • Do not display regular meetings to other units.
  • Use the same or shorter promotion periods as for your own unit.
  • Set the visibility to at least "All members (own district)"  but not to "Public". Consider the GDPR rules!

  • Old articles appear first in the slider
    => Adjust the publication parameters (period) of the articles or switch off publication in the slider.
  • The order of the news in the slider is not good.
    => Adjust the date of the new, but not the publication period
  • In the carousel an article appears which is already notoriously known.
    => Disable this article in the moderation of the contents.