Hoe om te gaan met SEMDA foutmeldingen en e-mails

woensdag 28 juni 2023

Team Polaris

SEMDA is a integration platform which consolidates changes done in Polaris and applies them in the systems of Rotary International. In this way SEMDA synchronizes the member and club data with MyRotary.

To see which data is synchronized please read the article "Data exchange with Rotary International (RI)".

In process of the data synchronization errors may happen . In such case the secretary of the club or the member or both are informed by e-mail. There are many errors which may happen. But the text of the e-mail always has a clear explanation and advice what you have to do. Please follow this advise!

If you do not understand the message in the e-mail, please contact your CICO or secretary.

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