Importeren van e-mailadressen in aangepaste ontvangersgroepen

vrijdag 3 maart 2023

Team Polaris

When you create a custom recipient group, you can import the e-mail addresses from a file. When you click on the button , you can download an example of the file format which is accepted by the importer. This template is also attached here below. The file must be an Excel sheet in (XLSX) format.

The importer will load and check the file when you drag it into the upload area or you chose the file by clicking into the upload are.

When you push the button , the uploaded data is processed and stored.

Following rules apply for the file rows:

  • First line of the file (header line) is always skipped
  • If the e-mail address already exits in the list, the record is skipped and not processed. This avoids duplicates.
  • If  the RI_ID is set in the first column, the corresponding member must exist in Polaris. His his Polaris data will be taken and the data provided in the file is ignored
  • If the RI-ID number already exits in the list, the record is skipped and not processed.  This avoids duplicates.
  • If the language code is not set, the default club language is taken.

Practical hints:

If you want to import non-Rotarians or people not in Polaris, use file with the columns: firstname, lastname, salutation, language and mail and let the RI-ID empty. See the template file below.

If you want to import Rotarians existing in Polaris, set only the column RI-ID and let all other columns empty. The member data will be automatically taken from Polaris. See the template file below.

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