Asistencia y presencia en breve

jueves, 2 de marzo de 2023

Team Polaris

Practical guide

  1. Create all your club events in the Calendar in time. Make it sure to mark the statutory events correctly. Otherwise the attendance statistics will not be correct.
  2. The list of participants for an event is created and populated when you create or copy this event. You can determine which persons are included in the participants list:
    • either defining them in the club parameters,
    • or, for special events, e.g. board meetings, by using the recipient groups. Please note that you must first remove all automatically generated participant! You can also add individual participants to the list.
  3. At the event or shortly afterwards, confirm the attendance of the persons in the participant list. Confirmation of attendance is only possible from the day of the event on. On the smartphone, use the landscape view, to see the control elements.
  4. Enter the visitors from other clubs of your Polaris instance in the list of participants. They are easy to find, 3 letters from the name are enough. This can also be done directly at the event with the smartphone. Polaris does not know the visitors from abroad. Give them a guest card.
    • If you have activated registration for the event, you do not need to register visitors of your Polaris instance. Each registration/deregistration will automatically add the person to the attendee list.
    • If you use the QR code, there is no need to register visitors, but just to validate their attendance.
  5. The last step is to close the event. Only then will the attendances be recorded. In case a correction is necessary, you must reopen the event.

Each visitor is responsible for obtaining from the host club either the assurance that his presence is recorded in Polaris or a guest card. 

If your members have received a guest card somewhere, that attendance must be recorded by the secretary or CICO as compensation. Only they have access to the membership data as "administrator all rights". To record attendance at an event, the administrator rights "Administrator contents" or "Attendance capture" are sufficient .

Here is the link to the complete description of Attendance and presence.

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