Attendance and presence (v04)

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Team Polaris


The Statutory meetings are the regular weekly meetings the club has to organize

A Registration is a confirmation of a prospective participation or denial of participation to a future event. It has nothing to do with attendance and presence and is described in the Event life cycle.

An Attendance is the confirmation of the physical appearance of the participant to an event.

The Presence (points and percentage) are on one hand the points accumulated on the personal presence point balance of the active member and on the other hand the calculated ratio in % to the number of statutory meetings of the club for the given period.

Presence points are issued for an event attendance or for voluntary work. Presence point balance is a decimal number, but normally only integer numbers are entered.

The individual presence is visible in Web mode in the menu  "MY PRESENCE".

Club administrators can collect or export statistical information about presence figures for events or for members in a certain time period.

District officers have access to club presence statistics. Periodic report to district is not required.

Attendance and presence

1. Attendance

Attendance can only be recorded on the day of the event or afterwards. How to capture attendance is described in the article Event life cycle.

The participant list of a club event contains all active members of that club. In order to keep track on all participants, visitors from other clubs must be added to this list by their QR-code or with the "+create" button. All members of the community can be simply found and selected. Also any other person e.g. the speaker can be added.

For events like a board meeting, the attendance is confirmed just for the participating members.

For district event the participant list is empty. It is assumed, that the participants will register and thus added to the list, or manually added to the list by the organizer.

Keeping the participant list consistent and complete is essential for the correct accounting of the presence points and also for the accounting of the financial transactions.

For the maintenance of the participant list various roles allow it.

2. Presence points allowance

When the event gets closed by the administrator the presence points are automatically booked to the personal presence point balance of the active members, and of the guests and visitors . Closing an event is described in Event life cycle.

Guests and visitors from other clubs will also receive their presence points with this action. Filling a presence card is not necessary anymore. For guests from other countries or from clubs not using Polaris you will still have to issue a printed presence card.

Each guest is responsible for obtaining from the host club either an assurance that his presence is recorded in Polaris or a guest card.

Members attending events in other clubs will thus get their presence points by that club. This is also true for district events.


When the visited club does not capturing attendance with Polaris, e.g. a club in another country,  the member will bring back a printed presence card. The presence points for such an attendance must be manually entered as a compensation in the Menu "Members > Active members > tab Presence". Here is also the place where presence points for voluntary work can be allocated. On this page the presence points of the member can also be checked by the administrator.

For the maintenance of member compensation the Role "Member Admin." or "Unit Admin (all rights)" is required.

3. Presence statistics

Presence statistics are available in two forms:

Presence rates at the events for a time period

This statistic is visible in the menu "Club life > Calendar" at the bottom of the page. The presence rate is also displayed for each individual event. You can select any time period for the calculation.

To see this statistic the Role "Unit life Admin." is required.

Presence rate of the members for a time period

This statistic is visible in the menu "Members > Active members > tab Presence". The presence rate is displayed for each individual member. You can select any time period for this calculation. From this page you can get directly into the maintenance of the member's compensations.

To see this statistic the Role "Member Admin." or "Unit Admin (all rights)" is required.

4. Presence computation

A member's presence rate for a given period is the result of dividing the number of attendance points accumulated by the number of statutory meetings in that period.

According to the RI, the presence rate is capped at 100%, but Polaris also displays calculated the presence rate in excess of 100%.