New administration layout (collapsible sections)

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Team Polaris

Starting with R1.3.6, the management functions use a new layout with collapsible sections. This new layout is available in the most frequently used function of member and event management and will later be applied to all functions in Polaris.

You can already see the first difference in the list view, where there are more action buttons. For example, for member data:


If you move the mouse over the buttons, you will see the functions they lead to.

The first button is now called "Edit" and leads to the function that changes the respective object. This is where the biggest difference is visible.

Free image by Pexels

With the pull-down at the top left you can jump to the actions as before with the tabs. Below the line you can see the collapsible sections. Each section contains information about a specific area.

Section can be expanded  or collapsed by clicking on the section heading. For convenience there are buttons on the top right to expand or collapse all sections.

There is only one "Save" button, which can always be seen at the bottom of the page. When the Save button is pressed, all changes in the section are applied, even if they are currently collapsed.

When you enter the function, the first section is expanded by default.

For each object, the sections can look different. However it not a completely new look. You will very quickly become familiar with all the functions.

Note: If you do not see the information you are looking for, it is probably in an section that is currently collapsed.

Collapsible sections