How can I search for members? (T)

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Team Polaris

The various possibilities to search for member, events, projects, newsletters, bulletins, articles and documents in Polaris have one starting point. It is the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the page.

When you click on this icon, the following possibilities are shown:

  1. Search Members (Yearbook) - allows you to find members in any club in your country.
  2. Search New members - shows members joining Rotary or Rotaract in the past 3 moth in your country.
  3. Search Members | In Memoriam - shows members for which their club has written and published an in memoriam article.
  4. Search content - allows you to search the entire web content ( events, projects, newsletters, bulletins, articles and documents) for any word = Google like search. Follow this link.

Location of the search element

Search members (Yearbook)

The result list is empty at the beginning, because the entire member list is huge and not useful. You need to restrict the search by entering some term you are looking for and then click on the OSo974FXEAIVkwPlAAI6t8BAP8ADnKgk3FymOxAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC button to start the search.

You should enter at least 3 characters (but more are advisable) in the first field (marked red). It does not matter if the characters are at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the word. Also upper-, lowercase, umlauts and accent marks are meaningless. If you enter multiple words separated by space, AND operator is applied.

In the example above, the search for "Haber" as a name will return all "Grieshaber" as well as "Häberli", "Häberlin",  "Häberling", "Habersaat" and "Wildhaber, etc.

Words or characters to search for

In the second field (marked blue) you must say which personal data should be searched. You can chose from:

  • first name, middle name and name (default)
  • private or professional address including the zip and city
  • company name
  • classification
  • private or professional e-mail address

This offers you enormous possibilities to find people. E.g. Looking for members living or working in "Lenzburg", or members working in a certain company.

Note: Members may intentionally hide their personal data. In such case you will not find them.

Which personal data should be searched?

In the third field (marked green) you can specify in which club the member should be. You can chose only one club. By default all clubs of the country are searched.

The club list is sorted by district and within district alphabetically by club name. Special clubs, foundation, fellowships and other units are not listed.

If you do not enter any character in the first field (marked red) and choose one club here, then you will get members of that club.

Important remarks to the member search:

  • The search does not use language translation. E.g. search for classification "Attorney" will not return "Anwalt" or "avocat".
  • You can search only for active members. Other contacts, deceased, resigned or expelled members are excluded.
  • Because guests are members in another club, you will find them and see their home club (blue) and guest clubs (yellow).
  • If you want to see members of a club, district or other organization. then it is more convenient to switch to that club and use the member list icon  Sle1UurKdySr9BtMnll16vr3bAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC in the top header line.
  • If you don't want to disclose your personal data to the Rotarian community, you can hide particular fields by adjusting yourself your personal profile. Then it they will be visible only to members of your home club.

  • GDPR
    The member data in the result list is not visible to the public and also not to other contacts! 
    Only active members with valid login can use the search function and see the member data!
  • Intentionally, there is no export of this data into machine readable format like excel.

Which club should be searched?

Search of new members

The search for new members is analogy to the search for members (Yearbook), and will bring only members who joined Rotary or Rotaract in the past 3 months.

As there are usually not too many, the entire result list is shown at the beginning without invoking the "Filter" button. For further restriction, use the filter possibilities described above.

Search members - In Memoriam

The current year is preset in the year selection (green field) and initial list shows all members deceased in the current year. You can reset the filter CCOtLAP8DrvUd1e9+iYsAAAAASUVORK5CYII=to get the complete list or you can choose another year. The first filed (marked red) allows you to restrict the list by entering a name or part of it.

It is possible that you will not find your deceased friend here! Only members for which the club has created In-memoriam article and made it available to the community are shown. Many clubs do not do that. If you do not find the deceased person here, please contact the club secretary. For GDPR reasons it is not possible to search for deceased members in Polaris.

General recommendations:

  1. Use specif terms, don't use short or abstract terms

  2. If you do not find what you are looking for, it may have many reasons:
    • The person you are looking for is not or no longer in Rotary.
    • The personal data of that person are hidden for the community
    • The person you are looking for is other contact
Play around with the tool to get better feel for how it works.