Why forwarding of Polaris E-mails and Newsletters does not work (e01)

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Team Polaris

When you forward an e-mail or newsletter from Polaris to other people, you may receive their complains about the readability of the forwarded message. Possibly these recipients will get partially distorted message (like the one on the right) which is hard to read and parts of it (links) are missing.

This is not caused by Polaris! It is your SPAM or Virus software which scans your outgoing mail traffic and is changing the message. Depending on the product you are using and on its configuration, images, links, styles ad other elements may be removed.

Also the mail server of your provider or your company may perform additional checks of the outgoing mails, filter out certain elements or add signatures or footers with legal notices. As result, the message you are sending is not what the recipient will get!

The solution

The solution of this problem is rather simple. Instead of forwarding the message you should send the original message to all recipients you need. You should create in Polaris a recipient group of those you want to sent your club communication very often or you enter them ad-hoc as individual recipients before you send that message from Polaris.


Regardless if you forward a message or enhance the recipient list in Polaris you should consider GDPR, because you may distribute information that contains personal data. E.g. lunch reports, etc. outside the club.

Distorted message