Member transfer between clubs (e03)

Monday, November 29, 2021

Team Polaris

There are four different transfer cases:

  1. Transfer between clubs using the same Polaris instance. (E.g. transfer between clubs within CH&FL)  This includes a transfer from a Rotaract club to a Rotary club
  2. Transfer between clubs using different Polaris instances. Eg. RC Lyon (F) to RC Lausanne (CH)
  3. Transfer from abroad to a club using Polaris. (E.g. from RC Konstanz (D) to RC Kreuzlingen (CH))
  4. Transfer from a club using Polaris to a club abroad. (E.g. from RC Lugano (CH) to RC Milano (I))

The case 1. must be handled by the secretaries of the respective clubs and is described here below. 

For cases 2. and 3. please contact the NICO

Attention: Only active members can be transferred!
Guests remain in their home clubs and can be invited into other clubs, other contacts can be only members of one club. For special cases please contact the NICO

Initiating the transfer process

The transfer is initiated by the secretary of the sending club. The role Admin. member or Admin. (all rights) is required for this function.

Transfer is initiated by the INITIATE MEMBER TRANSFER button in the community tab of the active member.

Starting the transfer

In the next dialog the leaving date and the new club are entered. The leaving date can be in the future or in the past.

"Other new home unit" is entered only for transfer cases 2. 3. and 4.

If the target clubs does not have a secretary defined for this community year, the transfer cannot be started!


As long as the transfer of the member is in status "accepted", his user-account is disabled and he cannot log in. Usually the next day the process of transfer is completed and his user-account is enabled in his new club. Be aware that the date "Left home unit on" is one day before the date "New home unit entry on".

It is recommended to clarify the transfer between the two secretaries of the clubs and initiate the transfer in the past not in the future. This allows to complete the transfer within 24 hours.

Define the date and the target club

E-Mail sent to the secretary of the target club

When the transfer has been successfully started, Polaris sends an e-mail to the secretary of the target club.

Notification e-mail

Completing the transfer to the target club

The secretary of the target club accepts or declines the transfer.

When the transfer has been accepted,  the secretary of the sending club is notified by e-mail, the transfer process is completed and the member becomes an active member of the target club. The transfer appears as completed in both clubs.

The entry date in the new club cannot be set. It is automatically calculated from the leaving date in the sending club.

When the transfer has been declined the secretary of the sending club is notified by e-mail, the transfer process is canceled and the member is back in his original club. The transfer appears as declined in both clubs.

Complete the transfer

Final notification

The transfer process ends with the notification of the secretary in the sending club.


Member transfer cannot be reverted!. The only way to correct en error is to initiate a new transfer. However the transfer history of the member is always preserved.

Final notification

Impact of a failed transfer

The transfer may fail for several reasons. The most probable one is that the secretary of the target club, instead of waiting for the transfer message from the sending club. creates a new member which then gets a new Rotary International-ID,  In such case the Member in transfer will be blocked as long as his data in Rotary-International is not cleaned up. This can take several weeks.

The secretary of the receiving club must thus wait until he gets a message from the sending club.