Polaris - Support (e03)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Jan Trnka, Polaris-Team

The support works like before:

  1. The CICO is the contact person for the club members.
    For clubs without CICO the secretary does this job.

  2. DICO is the contact person for the CICOs and for the district members. (Click on the link) DICO D-1980, DICO D-1990, DICO D-2000

  3. NICO and the Team Polaris are the contact persons for the DICOs

Polaris - Support

Severity definition (for RedMine)
  • Immediate = the system or a part of it is not running, not operational or not usable at all. Immediate action is required.
  • Urgent = the system or a part of it shows major errors. No workaround exists. The usability of the system is limited. Action is required ASAP.
  • High = Part of the system shows some errors. Some workaround exist. The system is usable. Fix is required in next deployment.
  • Normal = Some functions of the system do not work correctly. workaround exists. The system is fully usable. Fix is required by end of the current project phase.
  • Low = Some functions of the system do not work. The error has a little impact on the function. Implementation is to be discussed or planned.

Support for My Rotary

The My Rotary system is operated and supported by Rotary International and is not the same as Polaris. If you need support for My Rotary, please login with into your My Rotary account (not the one for Polaris!) and contact Rotary Support Center at .

Rotary International Europe/Africa Office

Rotary International
Marco Nicosia
Witikonerstrasse 15, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: (41-44) 387 71 11 Fax: (41-44) 422 50 41, eao@rotary.org
Opening hours: 8.30 - 17.30