Version R1.3.7

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Team Polaris

Short description

R1.3.7 is purely a bug fix. No new features have been introduced.

Fixes done:

  • The registration confirmation e-mail is no longer sent again when attendance is entered.
  • Member with role Presence administration must be able to capture attendance.
  • Allow to capture attendance of a member who declined participation to an event.
  • Remove the Visibility section of any e-mail which is, anyhow, only visible in Administration mode.
  • Allow to modify visibility of an already sent Newsletter.
  • Corrected distorted or missing Rotary logo in confirmation e-mails for event registration and de-registration.
  • Corrected event duplication error in which not all question parameters were copied.
  • ... and many small others.

For detailed information please contact your DICOs. They have access to the RedMine ticketing system containing the technical description of the fixes and new features.