Version R1.3.5

Monday, May 29, 2023

Team Polaris

Short description

R1.3.5 is a next part of Release 1.3 of Polaris.

There are some bug fixes and some important new features:

  • For an event with registration, the list of registered persons can be automatically sent to an e-mail address, when the registration deadline has passed. This can be e.g. used to inform the restaurant or the event organiser
  • The blue alp image on the bottom of the home page and on the bottom of the e-mails and newsletters was replaced with by a simple blue area of the same color.
  • Major improvements were done for the list views, default filters & default views in the administration area. Thea are now consistent and more user friendly.
    Please pay attention to the new default sorting order of the events.
  • Confirmation "Do you really want to Logout?" is required for users who have enabled the "Stay connected" feature.
  • E-mails send from the Preview tab as test have the [DRAFT] text in the title as well as in the subject.

For detailed information please contact your DICOs. They have access to the RedMine ticketing system containing the technical description of the fixes and new features.