Tables in Polaris (e01)

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Team Polaris

In Polaris it is possible to integrate a table into the text. You can use this option, for example, for the layout of the bulletin.

You have two possibilities:

  • Either you use the possibilities of the table in the text editor.
  • Or you know HTML and can use the enclosed template. With this variant, you are yourself responsible for the correct display.

Attention: The sent e-mails and newsletters contain the table as HTML code. Depending on which mail client the recipient uses, the display of the message may be distorted or even not possible at all! This problem is NOT in Polaris. Most mail clients offer the display in the browser as a workaround.

Brief instructions for using the template:

  1. Open the template attached here with a text editor, e.g. Notepad. You need to see the HTML code, not the display!
  2. In Polaris, switch to HTML mode "</>" in the editor.
  3. Copy the HTML code in Notepad into the Polaris editor CTRL-C / CTRL-V.
  4. Adapt the HTML code to your needs.
  5. Switch back to the display mode "</>" in the Polaris editor.
  6. Save the text block

A table created in this way can only be changed in HTML mode . The contents of the cells can also be changed in display mode.

Attention: You need knowledge of HTML if you want to use the table template!

Table in Polaris