Polaris - dispatch of E-Mails and Newsletters (e01)

Monday, January 25, 2021

Team Polaris

The reasons why a newsletter or e-mail did not reach the desired recipients may have various reasons. The most probable are listed here under.

Sending of Newsletters or E-Mails

For the correct receipt of newsletter or e-mails the profile of the user must be correctly configured.

  1. The private or business e-mail address must be valid
  2. The configured standard e-mail must be valid
  3. The communication per e-mail must be enabled
  4. The receipt of newsletters and e-mails from club, district etc. must be enabled.
  5. The preferred language of the user must be set

If one of the conditions above is not met, Polaris will NOT consider this user to be recipient of newsletters or e-mails.

User-Configuration Communication

There are two ways to send newsletters or e-mail.

  1. The district/club sends only one e-mail, in one language, to all. In this case ALL possible languages must be selected in the mailing. If only French is selected, recipients whose preferred language is not French will not receive the email. The warning above serves this purpose.
  2. The district/club sends one e-mail per language. In this case, you must select the language of the desired recipients.

Sending of newsletters or e-mails

Hard Fail = the e-mail cannot be delivered (many possible reasons) Typically, the recipient address does not exits.

Soft Fail = temporary technical reason why the e-mail is not delivered to the receiving mail server. (many possible reasons) Typically, the sender is temporarily blacklisted.

Bounced = the e-mail can not be delivered the user mailbox or the user has rejected the message. (many possible reasons)

In both cases the sender (Polaris) will try several times to re-send the message after some time. The number of repetitions and the timeouts depend on the configuration and are quite complex.

E-mail sent status

Please note that Polaris will only send your emails to recipients whose settings allow it.

Caution: Filters!

Selection of recipients and languages