Sender of the e-mails / newsletter (e01)

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Team Polaris

Who is the sender of the emails and newsletters and how can I change it?

The sender of the e-mails and newsletters is and cannot be changed.  The recipient must identify the sender's address and his IP must be configured accordingly. Otherwise the message will be rejected as SPAM. Therefore, all Polaris emails and newsletters are sent from a single address.

However, it is possible to change the name of the sender. The name is displayed before the sender's e-mail address. Typically, the name of the club or cistrict can be set there. Attention: The name of the sender must not contain any special characters!

It is also possible to set the "Reply to address". This can be used to ensure that a reply is forwarded to a specific e-mail address. Typically, this can be the e-mail address of the club in the form <club-name> or the e-mail address of the person sending the e-mail.

The name of the sender and the "reply to address" can be set as default in the parameters of the club. They can be overwritten when sending.