Version R01.3.11

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Team Polaris

Short description

R01.3.11, contains three new features and some small bug fixes.

New features:
  • The header title of the home page now includes the name of the club. This will help to find the clubs with search machines like Google.
  • The selection of past content was limited to 10 years in the past. Some clubs have long history reaching back much longer time. Now the selection shows all past years where some content exist.
  • The limitation to max 4 administrators of personal data per unit has been made more flexible. On request, Polaris admins may set higher limit for the particular unit. This is especially useful on district and RMD level (Multidistrict).

Fixes done:

  • Improvement of Image formatting
  • Improvement on the breadcrumbs for metro clubs 
  • Pagination on the presence overview
  • ... and few small others.

For detailed information please contact your DICOs. They have access to the RedMine ticketing system containing the technical description of the fixes and new features.