A new member in the Polaris Team | Une nouvelle recrue dans l'équipe Polaris

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Marion de Lattre-Wiesel

We are is glad to announce that Marion de Lattre-Wiesel has joined the Polaris-Team. She will help us to handle the growing Polaris community, improve our communication and represent female component in the team. She is member of Rotary for 15 years (RC Leman Riviera, then RC Montreux-Vevey),

Here what she says about herself:

I am a self-taught passionate about computers since my childhood ...

My main asset is that I am not a computer scientist (first architect, then mediator) and that I can therefore explain computer processes in normal language, not geek!

I am very happy to have the opportunity to bring my skills and my enthusiasm to the diffusion and the use of the magnificent tool that is Polaris!

You will find her profile after Login here: https://team.polaris.rotary.ch/en/members/22366